Montse Pujol – Pret a Porter Casas

Montse Pujol

Managing Director

Above all, architecture is a feeling.

Gifted with an innate sense of leadership, Montse supervises, inspires and enhances the talent of the whole team with both energy and enthusiasm. Having been born into a family of builders, Montse has always had architecture and construction in her blood. After starting to work on traditional construction projects, she soon observed that, in most cases, the projects ended up being delayed or encountered unforeseen expenditure that ended up costing the end-client. For this reason, Montse decided to take a period of reflection and study until finding a new way of constructing properties that challenged conventions, where cost management, quality and time were the main focus. In short, to achieve something that, for her, architecture has always signified: to take something that seems complicated and make it simple, while providing people with unique spaces that have personality. An unrelenting search which, guided by her entrepreneurial and uncompromising character, finally culminated in the founding of PMP Prêt-à-porter casas.