Pioneers in a new way of understanding construction.

When PMP Prêt-à-Porter casas was conceived, there were too many myths surrounding the world of construction. Myths that said it was impossible to build a house in just 4 months or that the initial investment always tends to increase. Myths that needed to be destroyed in order to be able to build the way we wanted to build.

Today, we are the place where architects, engineers, interior designers and other construction professionals work together to create projects with personality, always pursuing a vision of innovation and excellence.

The PMP Prêt-à-porter method.

Our work defines who we are, but also defines how we understand construction. For us, engineering and architecture are disciplines that cannot be understood independently. They enrich one another and, in some ways, they need each other. That is why, when we tackle a project, we always approach it holistically. We combine all of our experience to create a common vision, which is to turn into reality what our clients have been constructing in their imagination for so long.

Who we are

Led by the passion of Montse Pujol, the PMP Prêt-à-porter casas team unites more than 70 professionals who share the same goal: to build homes that respond to the needs of our clients.