La Vistablava – Pret-a-porter casas

La Vistablava.

Calonge (Costa Brava).

Designed in harmony with the surrounding nature, La Vistablava sits on a hill, looking down over the horizon to the blue of the Mediterranean Sea. The terraced layout of the exterior and, in particular, a magnificent swimming pool together create the desired continuity between the home and the surrounding landscape.




Calonge (Costa Brava)


Finished in 2017

Builded surface

358 m2

Clear the space, widen the view

The customer’s main requirements were to site the main build on the upper section of land and to ensure a privileged position for the swimming pool. La Vistablava meets this need with a large terrace that dominates the exterior, providing an open space with a wide view from a pool that serves as a large balcony looking out over the horizon.

Trapezoidal core

The desire to blend the property into the land is emphasised with the property’s dimensions radiating around the plot. In this way, a trapezoidal core has been created, on top of which the remaining architecture rests.

Architecture inspired by an idea

In an effort to respect the location of the pool, which sits in prime position, the entrance to the house has been sited at the back of the property. Retaining walls also had to be built.

The spatial distribution seeks to take advantage of La Vistablava’s prime location.

Miriam Sánchez
Architect, PMP Prêt-à-porter casas

A blue balcony

If there is one element that draws everyone’s attention, it has to be the pool. Resting like an overhanging balcony, rocked gently by the Mediterranean breeze, it also acts as the outer link between the daytime terraced area and the walkway leading to the evening area.

An interior inspired by the Costa Brava

The interior design of the house is also inspired by the Costa Brava and its unique elements. In this case, we were inspired by traditional Mediterranean hotels, where a balance is sought between nature, elegance and comfort.

The landscape had to be reflected through the windows from any point in the room, as if it were another wall.

Anna Rodríguez
Interior designer, PMP Prêt-à-porter casas

Sustainability and efficiency

La Vistablava has the highest energy rating (A). This has been achieved through the optimisation of both passive and active elements. At the passive level, by ensuring that the property has the correct aspect, minimising the number of apertures to the north and maximising those to the south, as well as harnessing the thermal inertia of the concrete walls. At the active system level, the house benefits from aerothermics and underfloor heating and also features a heat recovery system.

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Miriam Sánchez

Technical architect

Didac Oró


Pau Majó

Patricia Mollà

Interior designer

Anna Rodríguez