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La Vanguardista.

Sant Feliu de Pallerols

3, 2, 1, cameraACTION. We are in the quiet town of Sant Feliu de Pallerols, about to enter the home of a couple who are art lovers. She is a theatre actress; he is a computer scientist with a passion for photography. 

Until recently they lived in a beautiful loft in Olot, but the desire for a slower life closer to nature and with views of the mountains made them decide to construct a custom-built house in a picturesque setting. 




Sant Feliu de Pallerols


Finished in 2019

Constructed surface area 


A dream come true

The couple found the perfect plot of land in Sant Feliu de Pallerols and got to work. The functionality of the house was their main premise, as well as maintaining the open spaces (especially in the kitchen and dining room), which they already had in their old loft. 

Multi-purpose spaces 

The common areas are very important to the owners, as they wanted the dining table to serve as a multi-purpose space for various activities and to be a link between the kitchen and the dining room. As a result, an integration was achieved with a large wooden table that serves as an island for cooking and at the same time has space for storage and a longer length to facilitate work, study or crafting. 

“The house has been built with the perfect combination of functionality and avant-garde design in mind.” 

Toni Sáez
Architect for PMP Prêt-à-porter houses

Cinema interiors 

The house stands out for its colourful interior design, which includes nods to cinema; a collection of memorabilia from the cinema where the owner’s father used to work. In this case, the interior design perfectly reflects the owners’ personality: creative, modern and nostalgic at the same time. 

Avant-garde art with industrial touches 

The house stands out for having an exterior entrance that is flush with the façade of the house, creating an open garden that embraces the main entrance. This unusual layout is one of the differentiating features of the house, which forms an avant-garde feel with touches of industrial design. 

Contrast of textures and materials 

The industrial aesthetic is reflected above all in the bathrooms, which combine concrete and wood. In addition, the hydraulic tiles add a rustic touch and contrast with the pure white of the resin shower tray

Technical factsheet 



Toni Sáez

Technical Architect 

Lorena Roig


Patricia Mollà

Alberto Collado

Interior designer 

Júlia Puigfel