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La Turquesa


La Turquesa represents the coming together of the sea and the mountains. Located in the town of Calonge, this single-family home enjoys sea views in all its rooms. A goal that was achieved through the L-shaped floor plan, strategically designed to maximise the house’s perspective.






Finished in 2018

Constructed surface area

139.39 m2

Maximum width

This home seeks spaciousness in all its splendour to make the most of the possibilities of a unique plot. In addition, the easy connection between the en-suite bedroom and the outdoor relaxation area stands out.

L-shaped floor plan

The L-shaped floor plan makes it possible to increase the perimeter of the façade to increase the number of windows and fill all the spaces of the house with spectacular views. The connection between rooms is achieved by means of a concentrated nucleus that reduces the number of areas to be traversed.

Strategic slope

The steep slope of the plot that houses this house is both a challenge and an advantage in bringing the wonderful sea views to all the rooms.

The peculiarities of the terrain have allowed us to play with the views and design a unique house.

Miriam Sánchez
Technical Architect of PMP Prêt-à-porter houses

Mimicry with the environment

The house adapts to the natural environment through different floors, as well as the garden area, which in turn is divided into terraces, depending on the natural elevation of the land. In this way we manage to reduce the impact on the landscape.

Earthy textures

La Turquesa is a mosaic of textures that blends stone, concrete and the soft, colourful textures of the furnishings. All this gives a unique and stylish character to this home of open spaces and spectacular views.

We have opted for an eclectic design decoration, which highlights the free, carefree and at the same time elegant spirit of this home.

Júlia Puigfel
PMP Interior Designer for Prêt-à-porter houses

The Element of Surprise

From the street, a small house is visible, which gets bigger as you go along the sloping terrain. This design favours the privacy of the people who live there and at the same time minimises the impact on its surroundings.

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Toni Sáez

Miriam Sánchez

Technical architect

Pau Majó


Iris Puig

Interior Designer

Júlia Puigfel