La Soñadora – Pret-a-porter casas

La Soñadora

Masnou, Barcelona.

In the coastal town of Masnou, just 20 minutes from Barcelona, is this single-family house of straight lines and simple shapes that responds to the functional beauty we worked for from the outset. 

Situated on a complex terrain, with a steep slope rising from the entrance area, its location and configuration was the project’s main point of reflection. 




Masnou, Barcelona.


Finished i2019 

Constructed surface area 


Tailor-made distribution 

We opted for a 3 semi-split floor distribution, with each floor designed to adapt in a more natural way to the topography. In this way we were able to visualise the next floor perfectly from each one, generating amplitude and luminosity to the spaces. 

Elegant simplicity 

We worked with white colours and smooth textures. The dark colour was used exclusively for the profiles, strategically placed to highlight the minimalist design and elegant simplicity. 

With views of the Mediterranean Sea, La Soñadora aims to enjoy this beauty from the most important areas of the home. You can lose yourself in the blue of the waves and simply breathe in the tranquillity of the surroundings from any part of the house. 

“The central part of the house, with its exposed concrete stairs and the sculptural railing that surrounds them, adds design and uniqueness to the home.

Toni Sáez
PMP Architect for Prêt-à-porter houses

Basement floor 

The basement floor, intended for the garage and storage area, is in the semi-buried area of the house, with access at street level. 

In this way, we adapted to the terrain and managed to reduce the earthworks, reducing the significant financial cost that these works entail. 

Ground floor

On the middle floor is the entire day area: kitchen, dining room and accessible bathroom. It has a semi-open kitchen with the visual image projected to the sea through the terrace. Dining room and living area have direct connection to the back garden, the most private area of the house. 

First floor 

The top floor is the nighttime area. Master suite with direct sea views and the children’s bedrooms are located in an exclusive area for them with a shared bathroom. 

Technical specifications 



Toni Sáez

Technical architect 

Alejandro Moreno


Pau Majó

Interior designer 

Sara Pons