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La Roureda

La Roureda

El Brull (Osona)

Surrounded by nature, La Roureda is an oasis of peace in a calm town in Osona county. It is a single-level home with open spaces connected to the outdoor space and the large garden surrounding it. This stylish home is designed for enjoying family life in a privileged setting, without sacrificing privacy, with a jacuzzi area for intimate comfort.




El Brull (Osona)


Finished in 2015

Builded surface

198 m2

Open spaces and connection to nature

Comfort also comes indoors, featuring an open-concept kitchen and dining room looking out onto the garden. South facing to ensure natural light throughout the day and reinforce the sensation of being surrounded by nature. The night-time and rest areas, with two bedrooms, a studio and a suite with a spa, are reached via a hallway, dividing the day and night zones into two separate areas.

Oasis of calm

The single-level home seduces right from the beginning, as the plot is in an unbeatable location on the outskirts of the town El Brull in the heart of the Montseny natural park.

Unique textures

Both stone and ceramic tiles play a key role in this home, used to cover the concrete structure that supports it. The porches with clean lines invite you to discover the interior of the home and enjoy outdoor living.

“We had a unique opportunity to blend the home into the landscape and chose earth tones and ochres on a large surface with stone veneer and large, sloping roofs in ceramic tile.”

Toni Sáez
Architect at PMP Prêt-à-porter casas

Meticulous details

The entrances to the home feature carefully designed details, such as the wood beams and gravel landings that dress up the garden stairs, which also have planters and natural flower beds. Plant life in its purest state.

The essence of the Montseny

The interior of the home, also in a rustic style fitting of the Montseny area, feature modern details to add a bit of character. Plus, the day-time area has large windows with spectacular views of the natural park from the cosy interior.

“The modern elements stand out in the rustic style, giving the home character.” 

Júlia Puigfel
Interior designer at PMP Prêt-à-porter casas

Comfort y eficiencia

Comfort and efficiency are guaranteed, as the home has an A energy efficiency rating. This rating has been achieved with passive systems, including good facing of the building, with most openings to the south; concrete walls, with great thermal inertia; and an efficient insulation system. The active systems include aerothermics and in-floor radiant heating and cooling.

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Toni Sáez

Technical architect

Neli Domènech


Iris Puig

Interior designer

Júlia Puigfel