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La Mediterránea


La Mediterránea is a detached home overlooking the Costa Brava, in the small town of S’Agaró. Its design satisfies the desire of owners to enjoy a large home, with open and generous spaces and a Mediterranean aroma.






Finished in 2018

Builded surface

360 m2

Open to the sea

The large windows stand out along with the rectangular swimming pool which serves as a connecting link between the house and the sea.

Day-time and night-time spaces

This two-storey house offers fantastic sea views. The ground floor has two different areas depending on the time of day. Thus, the day and night-time rooms are separated by the staircase.

Warm colours

In terms of furniture choices, wooden furniture has been selected, combined with shades of white and occasional coloured details, such as the yellow sofas.

“The entire home looks outwards, seeking natural light and the views of the area”.

Iris Puig
Technical architect at PMP Prêt-à-porter casas 

Openings and natural light

The kitchen opens onto a rectangular open space, that completely overlooks the sea. In turn, the bathrooms stand out for a minimalist aesthetic and a designer bath with natural light.

Special suite

The first floor is reserved for the master suite, with a large terrace that magnifies the dimensions of the room.

“The home’s décor reflects the Mediterranean spirit, with earthy colours and textures from nature”.

Júlia Puigfel
Interior designer at PMP Prêt-à-porter casas 

Space freedom

The whole property is decorated with earthy and neutral colours that accentuate the Mediterranean feel and strengthen the feeling of space and freedom. This concept is also transmitted in the exterior of the home, with a stone cladding façade. Also, the home has an A energy efficiency rating certificate, thus ensuring maximum sustainability.

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Toni Sáez

Technical architect

Didac Oró


Iris Puig

Interior designer

Júlia Puigfel