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La Dalia

Agramunt, Lleida

La Dalia is in an oasis of light and peace in Agramunt.

The first thing that strikes the eye when seeing the house is the way the white, radiant, and elegant exterior contrasts with the warmth of the wood and the freshness of the lawn and pool, creating a dynamism in the different rooms.




Agramunt, Lleida


Terminada en noviembre de 2019

Constructed surface area


Breaking down barriers in La Dalia

The house consists of a single floor where the different rooms and the garage are located. They all have large windows that let in natural light and blur the barriers with the garden outside.

The lawn and vegetation create a fresh atmosphere that contrasts with the warm woody tones of the interior. Straight lines and flat surfaces predominate in this house where design is present in every corner.


Simplicity and elegance

The warmth of the different shades of wood stands out against the bright white surfaces, combining a more rustic style with a more modern and minimalist one.

The different rooms have been designed to be as functional as possible, with large spaces where straight lines and flat surfaces predominate, without joints, giving a sense of continuity throughout the house.


The house has a separate laundry room dedicated to washing and cleaning space, fully equipped and designed to be as functional as possible.

The white furniture combines with the porcelain sink to create a clean and tidy space, increasing the sense of space. The mosaic detail on the wall adds a design touch, bringing personality and originality to the room.

Minimalist design and interior design

Quality design elements can be found in every corner of this house. The large balconies that separate the interior from the exterior let in natural light, illuminating all rooms naturally.

There is also a large sliding door installed from ceiling to floor that separates the kitchen from the dining room when closed but brings dynamism and continuity to both rooms when open.

The kitchen is designed in the same spirit as the rest of the rooms, combining wood tones with immaculate white surfaces and fittings. The appliances, also white, are recessed into the wooden wall, providing the simple but elegant touch that characterises the other rooms. The large windows and balconies, with views to the outside, maximise the natural light in the kitchen, providing space and illuminating the table and chair area, in a modern style and in tones like the rest of the space.

Technical Factsheet



Toni Sáez

Technical Architect

David Zoriguel

Collaborating Architect

Iris Puig


Álvaro Miedes

Interior Designer

Júlia Puigfel

Colaborador interiorismo

Green house with photovoltaic energy

Flying over the house, we can see in detail the installation of photovoltaic panels to provide energy to the house. This is a very common feature in the houses of PMP Prèt-â-Porter, always committed to building sustainable houses.

Built with the best quality insulating materials, they also use renewable energy sources and high efficiency air conditioning systems. Home automation applied to energy control and efficient indoor air renewal are some of the methods used to reuse energy and prevent waste.