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Can Matís


Can Matís is a cheerful and comfortable house, designed for a family looking to enjoy the home in the natural setting of Castelldefels. The property perfectly blends in with the landscape and has a large green space with a swimming pool and large areas for play and leisure. The interior is an eclectic space, with materials that encourage a family atmosphere and the functionality of the different rooms, without sacrificing good aesthetic taste






Finished in 2018

Builded surface

207.56 m2

Exterior focus

The house is totally adapted to the orientation and the type of plot, where a property has been built with a large space that is home to the living room, dining area and kitchen in order to direct them towards the garden, with views over the large swimming pool. The main room also stands out for the concrete staircase that presides over the living room, a unique design created for this home

An eclectic home

With regard to the interior design, the owners wanted to maintain the modern aesthetic of the designer homes with a personalised touch that would give the rooms a welcoming and original atmosphere. To do so, a cheerful and varied colour palette was chosen, combined with an interesting set of textures, where the light wooden furniture is mixed with aluminium, a very contemporary trend in interior design.

Spaces with character

The open space that connects the kitchen and the dining room has vintage furnishings, such as a wooden two-door wardrobe and a carpet in shades of blue that imitates ceramic tiles and adds a Mediterranean feel. These elements are found alongside mustard-yellow designer seats, an industrial style wooden and steel table, as well as original hanging lights that light up the kitchen, the most social room in the home.

“This home seeks to integrate into the environment and landscape, taking advantage of all the possibilities of the land”.

Toni Sáez
Architect at PMP Prêt-à-porter casas

A bathroom in the purest vintage style 

The most nostalgic style can be found in the bathroom, which boasts tiles with a modernist feel, combined with smooth white walls. The selection of materials has not been picked at random, given that the contrast between neutral and print backgrounds is decisive when it comes to adding vintage touches to a home in order to avoid saturation. This dynamic is also found in the bathroom, where a wooden cabinet painted with a faded out turquoise colour acts as a stand for the minimalist style white sink.

Minimalist comfort in the night-time rooms

In the bedrooms, on the other hand, we have chosen to create light spaces where shades of white prevail, occasionally incorporating touches of bright colours to add a spark of imagination and creativity to night-time rooms. In the children´s room, originality is embodied in the floor, which has a set of yellow and white motifs that is very welcoming.

“We have chosen shades of white and beige, both indoors and outdoors and we have added warmth through the wood of the furniture”.

Júlia Puigfel
Interior designer at PMP Prêt-à-porter casas

Sustainability and energy efficiency

The home’s openings are not random, rather, the best direction has been sought in order to fully make the most of the hours of sunlight. This sustainable approach is complemented with aerothermics and in-floor radiant heating in the home, designed for the comfort of the people living in it and in order to reduce energy consumption.

Data sheet



Toni Sáez

Technical architect

Didac Oró


Patricia Molla

Interior designer

Júlia Puigfel