Descubre el proceso de construcción de casas a medida de Pret a Porter

We destroy myths.
We build homes.

We break down the myth that: “building a home is a very long process”.

Innovating in the way we build, meticulously controlling every stage in the process… this is what allows us to meet schedules and save time in a way that has until now been unimaginable, both when it comes to administrative procedures and construction. We only take 4 months to completely finish building your house. Does that still seem like a long time?

We break down the myth that: “I’ll end up paying more than what we agreed”.

It should be unacceptable, and it is. Seriously, before the building process starts, you will know the financial investment you will need to make to build your new home. An exact sum that, obviously, will not change at any time. Does that seem fair?

We break down the myth that: “houses are built with bricks”.

While they are both excellent materials, neither bricks nor wood are able to provide the comfort that we demand from a home, even in a new-build. It’s thanks to reinforced concrete structures and the climatic studies we conduct that we can get a house and its environment to create a balanced ecosystem. We reduce the home’s energy requirements and optimize its temperature stability throughout the year, filling it with natural light and high-quality air. Does that sound efficient enough?

We destroy the myth that: “Architects do not build the homes they design”.

We take care of your project from start to finish. That means that we have absolute control throughout the entire construction cycle, from the first sketch to the finishing touches. And we can achieve this by combining our experience as architects with the advantages of having our own factory. That makes us unique.

“Having our own factory allows us to build
the houses we ourselves design and manage them from beginning to end.”

Montse Pujol
Managing Director, PMP Prêt-à-porter casas

We destroy the myth that: “once the keys are handed over, the house is finished”

It’s not enough to just build a home. It’s essential that one makes life easier in every way. It’s essential that we stay by the owner’s side after their house is built so that we can attend to any needs, on the day the keys are handed over, one year later, or whenever. Does that sound attentive enough?